Mobile applications to have cybersex

There are applications to make video calls with friends and family, and these can be turned into means of virtual sex or sexting. However, it is important not to use social networks such as, for example Twitter, which has banned aggressive sexual content on its platform since the beginning of the year, or Facebook, which only allows us to indicate sexual orientation and not to search for adult content. Faced with this situation, we present the mobile applications that can be used for virtual sex:

Sex roulette: it is an app available on iOS and Android so that couples in the distance can have access to erotic games. Despite being only four, there are different activities that can help improve love in quarantine. They can be made by video calls and have a time of pleasure.

Roulette sex

Truth or Dare: this app is the classic game of choosing between telling a secret or performing a challenge. Being a tool for virtual sex, penances and questions will be oriented to this topic. It can be downloaded to the Android or iOS mobile and can be played by messaging, discreetly with friends or strangers.

GVibe: is an app that turns your mobile into a vibrating device. This serves to give touches of pleasure to female intimacy, while making a video call with the partner. It is available for iOS and Android.

Erotic dice: is a sex game that leaves everything to chance, where each side of the dice that is thrown has some challenges, positions, penances and more. It can be played as a couple, being a tool for virtual sex in quarantine. It is available for iOS and Android users.

In the year when we believed we had everything under control and we were more modern than ever, reality has left us immersed in paradox. If in January there was talk of suckers, in June they are no longer discussed but are used even more, because the pandemic has forced people to enjoy certain sexual practices to the detriment of others, those in which, another paradox, does not exist physical contact. Also make use of the live sexcams  in this case.


Given the impossibility of practicing sex with other people in a physical way, whether they are single or people who have not been able to pass the quarantine with their partners, there are those who have seen their desire diminish until they become lethargic, while others have been overwhelmed by not being able to know what to do without sex.

Reasons That Suggest Why You Should Be Watching Porn

Whenever a desire of sexual fantasy or a Turn ON fetish crosses your mind, holding it for long gets irresistible. It is the time when you must have logged into the No one does it better or other similar tagline platforms to satiate your libido. You are just a few taps away today, from reaching the warning dialogue box for 18+ content, given the number of porn video sites available. However, the discussion of porn effects and practices is unceasing.

Keeping the cons apart, if any are proven in a longer run, today let us indulge in how porn helps you enhance your testosterone levels:

Satisfaction guaranteed

Though it sounds like some tagline, this statement holds more of truth than just allurement. Porn offers you the chance to create a stir in your sex life. Porn can be the perfect approach for steamy foreplay. After all, foreplay is what determines your performance.

There have been proven studies are indicating satisfactory arousal levels by bringing porn into the bedroom lives.  It has shown a better understanding of the needs of the partner during the act of lovemaking.

Many couples who view porn pre-sex opine it leads to satisfaction with new heights of ecstasy.

Porn encourages masturbation

Despite the rumors persistent since ancient times, that regard masturbation an act of condemning, yet porn will make you slide your hand to the throbbing nerves. In contrast to the rumors that porn can affect your stamina, observations reveal the better side. Sound sleep patterns and better stress management are amongst those boons.

Masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer amongst men. Women find menstrual cramps easing after a satisfactory porno session.

Discover your kinks

One thing that porn fulfills invariably is its act of arousal to its viewers. Porn makes you better aware of your needs as an individual in bed. What are the turn-ons that can make you dive into the world of fantasy? After all, each of you has a different distinct mindset; kinks of roleplay might entice some while some of you may enjoy hardcore BDSM.

Porn helps your libido discover its perfect kink. Besides, there also might be discoveries on what disgusts you or turns you off. But all of this is only when you expose yourself to the world of desires and arousals.

Normalize your desires, eradicate taboos

When you indulge in porn viewing, you automatically notice the self needs. Porn makes you discover and accept the cravings of your sexual fetishes. Say, you have a foot fetish or a desire to get laid in the backseat of a taxi. Coming across such discussions will surely make you confident in vocalizing the next time someone tries shushing over the topics of arousal.

Porn can make you more aware of the desires and their processes. Although porn doesn’t match reality in every aspect, it does have an impact on clearing illogical notions.

The digitally altered porn stills are gaining popularity, as they create a world of its own. Here, viewers could find the fun quotient as well. Porn that has become more of a life routine today has more proven merits than the demerits. It can be your cue to visit that site you have been long holding yourself from.

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